A. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the appointment date and time will be charged $50. If we can find a replacement shoot, we will not charge the cancellation fee.

B. If our photographer already left the office by the time of cancellation, an additional $20 will be charged on top of the $50 cancellation fee for every hour spent after the first hour.

C. No show or cancellations made during the setup process at the shoot location will be charged $125.

Liability Waiver/MLS Fines

Carolina House Shots will be happy to use our editing tools to delete items/make changes to the photos, with the understanding that the home will look just as the photos do once the listing is active on MLS and for showings. CHS will not be held liable for any fines incurred for misleading photos (this includes green grass for marketing purposes). Our main priority is to help agents market their listings in the most professional way. CHS will accommodate the agents as much as possible, however, once the photos are released to the agent, it is their discretion on which photos should or should not be posted in the MLS based on the appearance of the home.


In the event that a homeowner makes changes to the property after the initial photoshoot (within 30 days) and this warrants a reshoot, the agent is welcome to schedule a RESHOOT of the property. The agent will need to book this appointment through our online booking system. For this service, there will be a $150 GVL, $170 SPA, and $180 OC fee for additional photos to be taken. (It is only considered a reshoot if the same agent is having photos taken again, this does not include when the home is relisted with a new agent. Each agent is responsible for their own listing photos!)

Photo Release and Image Rights

The person who books the appointment through our website is the only person whom the photos will be released to. This is also the person who will receive and be accountable for the invoice and prompt payment.  If you want a second party to be invoiced, please enter their contact information in the booking appointment. The email listed on the appointment confirmation is the email that will be invoiced. CHS owns the photos and videos and has rights to the photos/videos for marketing purposes, social media posts, extensive editing for training purposes, etc. 

Delivery Policy

As we strive to maintain high-quality standards, please allow up to 48 hours for delivery of photos. We kindly request that you schedule photo shoot appointments with a lead time that allows for up to 48 hours for editing. This will enable our editors to work more efficiently and ensure that the final results meet the high standards we aim for.

Updated: February 2024